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The team, our partners, steering committee and support


The Local Food Project is a joint project of the five campus partners of VICRA.


Student Interns

  • Christopher Kay, CC
  • Julia Davis, NIU
  • Emma Twidale, NIU
  • Laura Milne, RRU
  • Veronica Aguilar, VIU
  • Elizabeth (Liz)Clements, VIU
  • Kelsey Chandler, VIU
  • Leslie Puska, VIU
  • Chloe Donatelli, UVic
  • Geneva List, Uvic
  • Chloe Markgraf, UVic
  • Laura-Leigh McKenzie, UVic
  • Fay Weller, UVic


Office of Community-Based Research Team, UVic

  • Charlotte Charlie, Admin Coordinator
  • Linda Geggie, Project Lead
  • John Lutz, PhD, Director
  • Maeve Lydon, Associate Director
  • Pamela Spalding, Communications
  • Ken Josephson, graphic and techincal support
  • Chris Hawkins, technical support


Local Food Project Steering Committee

  • Barbara Herringer, PhD, CC
  • Jamie VanDenbossche, CC
  • John Marton, PhD, NIC
  • Lenore Newman, PhD, RRU
  • Jennifer Horn, PhD, VIU
  • Jennifer Mullett, PhD, VIU
  • John Lutz, PhD, UVic
  • Lorenzo Magzul, UVic, Ph.D Candidate(UBC)
  • Aleck Ostry, PhD, UVic


Community Organizations